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What is Ronin Network? basic guide

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Ronin Network is an Ethereum -pegged sidechain created especially for Axie Infinity. The mission is to be able to scale and economize, thereby overcoming players’ performance and scalability issues. These coins can be purchased from sites like Katana Ronin.

As you may know, Axie is a global phenomenon within the blockchain gaming industry. According to what is known about it, the long-term mission is to achieve an economy that is fast, cheap, and continuous.

So what is the Ronin Network?

A few weeks ago the company Sky Mavis (developer of the popular game), announced the new governance token: “RON”.

The news was announced through Twitter, while they will celebrate with Play to Earn the capitalization of more than 500 million dollars. Possibly, the figure has been multiplied.

Now, the birth of this token seeks to secure and decentralize the Ronin network, which was launched in February of the previous year.

To better understand it, Sky Mavis explained in his blog the purpose of the token: to help the Ronin Network to be totally in the hands of its community of both users and developers.

As explained, the Ronin Network was created under the “ Proof of Authority ” consensus protocol. Basically, it will guarantee a better level of scalability and speed, although they will sacrifice decentralization.

“ PoA” is a variation of the “PoS” protocol, the purpose is to use fewer values, achieving centralization. Due to its features and to maintain security at all times, the consensus is in the hands of a handful of highly reputable partners.

Conflicts between RON and SLP

Despite being a long-awaited token, since the announcement of its upcoming release, the reaction of the Axie Infinity community has been very mixed.

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To begin with, the owners of the SLP (Axie’s reward token), are kept in great anguish due to the massive loss they have suffered. Reaching more than 97% since July of last year, the maximum moment of the currency because it was at 0.39 dollars.

They continue to work to offer better services

After endless criticism of the creators, they maintain the position of continuing to add value and utility to Axie Infinity. They even seized the moment and announced the upcoming launch of their first game developer incentive program.

The purpose of it is to open up the Ronin Network and the Axie ecosystem to the new generation of blockchain creators. Likewise, the next metaverse of the developers is already under construction: in fact, they have commented on the possible official names: ” Project K or Axie Land “.

To finish, the news of the new token and its benefits has given a lot to talk about, it is now fully available in Katana and you can try it whenever you want. My recommendation is to be patient because the new releases promise excellent results.

In short, the Ronin network ensures many benefits for all users who bet on it. You should use it too!