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4 best travel insurance to the United States (2022)

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Until now, good travel insurance has never been so necessary. It is true that with the enormous uncertainty in which we live these days, insured travel has become an even more important aspect, if possible. If, in addition, it turns out that you are traveling to a country like the United States, where health costs are so high, it is a real necessity. More than mandatory! For this reason, and given the jungle of travel insurance companies that exist, with different coverage and disparate prices, today we bring you a very practical article with a comparison of the best travel insurance in the United States.

In any case, here are some of the conclusions that you can read in later lines. After an exhaustive analysis of the main insurers in the market, we can say that Mondo’s travel insurance to the United States is, emphatically, the best. Not only because it is the insurer we have trusted for quite some time – with whom we have never had problems – but also because its policies have the best coverage on the market.


The best travel insurance to the United States

First of all, let me tell you about the need to take out good travel insurance to the United States. Not only because of the covid coverage but also because you make sure you receive medical attention and compensation in case of loss of luggage or repatriation. It is a kind of life insurance, to carry the peace of mind that, whatever happens, you will be protected against any mishap that you may suffer. Especially in a country where health costs are as high as in the United States.

Having said that, I want to pause quietly for the coverage that you should take into account when comparing the best travel insurance to the United States. There is usually a lot of fine print and hard-to-understand content so that it seems that all policies are the same when they are not. I will try to be as synthetic and clear as possible. The main  coverages that you should take  into account when looking for the  best travel insurance to the United States  are:

1) Medical assistance. It is usually a total amount that will be covered by insurance for doctors, hospitalizations, surgeries, or medications. This is the most relevant aspect that you must take into account when hiring travel insurance. Keep in mind that when traveling to the  United States, the costs of any intervention, even in emergency situations, are very high, so you should seek the widest coverage possible.

2) Repatriation. In the event of an accident or death, it covers the return transfer of the remains to your home. It is usually included at 100% in most policies.

3) Lost or stolen luggage. Another aspect to take into account, especially in the case of travel insurance to the United States, is the coverage in case of theft or partial or total destruction of luggage. It is usually, in most cases, a small amount that ranges between 1,000 euros and 3,000 euros.

4) Cancellation of the trip. It is not usually included as an integral element of the policies but as an optional addition. It works as follows: you choose an insured sum per passenger and, in the event that any of the causes previously assessed and stipulated by the insurer arise (health reasons, legal causes, work reasons, among others) you can recover that amount.

5) Civil liability. Those of us who have legal knowledge know that civil liability is often everything. In the event that you inadvertently cause damage to a third party, travel insurance companies to the United States include a total amount that you can dispose of in case of claims by the injured party. In medium-level insurance, civil liability coverage is usually around 60,000 euros.

6) Covid-19 coverage. As I told you in previous lines, the disruption caused by the coronavirus makes us pay special importance to aspects related to covid. What you should keep in mind: can you extend your stay at the destination in case of contagion? Does it include full medical assistance? Reimbursement in case of contagion? These three are the questions you should ask yourself.

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Keep in mind that there is a multitude of coverage that includes each of the travel insurances to the United States, from free legal assistance abroad, to claims for damages at the destination, ransom, kidnapping, interpreter, hotel convalescence, but for the sake of further simplification we are going to focus on these coverages; In any case, they are the ones that you should pay more attention to.

The best travel insurance for the United States

It is true that there are many travel insurance companies to the United States, many of which are large worldwide insurers (Allianz, Axa, Mapfre). However, regarding travel, I believe that the best option is to opt for specialized companies that offer, without a doubt, better insurance and greater benefits. Consequently, the  four best travel insurances to the United States that I am going to talk about are:

  • Modo Travel Insurance, one of the best travel insurance to the United States.
  • Iati travel insurance, a fabulous quality-price alternative.
  • Intermundial travel insurance, a well-known in the world of insurance.
  • Chapka travel insurance is one of the insurers that have been stepping stronger.

1. Mondo Travel Insurance, the best travel insurance to the United States.

Mondo is one of the newest companies in the industry and one of the fastest growing in the blogosphere. Its success is not arbitrary: it has managed to offer the best prices and coverage compared to insurance companies that had been around for decades. In this case, it is a  brokerage, which implies that it is merely an intermediary between you, the client, and the cheapest insurance companies with the best coverage. This allows them to make a constant selection of all and offer one of the best products on the market, if not the best.

best travel insurance for the united states
New York

As I say, their prices are systematically the lowest in the market. Its coverage, is the most complete. In addition, its attention is exceptional: it has a  travel assistance mobile application that allows medical consultations for as long as you are insured. It is for all this that for some time it has been the travel insurance company with which we work. It is simply the best. Here are the main  features  of Mondo’s travel insurance to the United States:

  • Its website is easy, simple, and very intuitive.
  • It is specialized in travel insurance.
  • It has four different modes for sporadic trips: Tranquility, Top, Premium, and Assistance Only; and other options for long-term trips.
  • Assistance 24/7.
  • An application for mobile phones with medical chat 24 hours a day, free assistance, and easy management of possible incidents.

Advantages of Mondo travel insurance

  • Includes  Covid-19 coverage, with the extension of stay due to contagion, a refund for cancellation, and full medical assistance.
  • The best prices on the market.
  • Insurance for short and long-term trips.
  • Possibility of doing a  PCR  before your trip for 80 euros.
  • Comprehensive health coverage, including emergency dentistry.
  • Fantastic customer reviews and established reputation despite its youth.
  • Optional trip cancellation insurance.

Here is a summary table of Mondo’s main travel insurance to the United States :

Medical assistance€600,000€2,500,000€5,000,000
Lost or stolen luggage€1,500€2,500€3,500
civil liability€50,000€60,000€60,000
covid-19 coverageYesYesYes
Price 7 days€29.79€47.55€67.51

Mondo is the company that offers the best travel insurance to the United States. It is our reference travel insurer and with which we work. It is very easy to hire – everything can be done online -, and its coverage is the widest.


2. Iati travel insurance

Iati is no stranger to the world of travel insurance. In fact, it is a pioneer company with more than 120 years of experience in the sale of travel insurance and an established reputation in the field of blogs. Like Mondo, it is a brokerage, so it is able to select the market and offer a good product with wide coverage while maintaining fair prices. It has what I consider the second best product on the market, behind Mondo’s, and an excellent coverage-price ratio.

usa travel insurance
New York

One of its main advantages is that it has some very basic modalities (Iati Basic or Iati Standard) with reduced coverage for short breaks and destinations with affordable healthcare. This makes it alternatively a good option for Mondo. They also have a good reputation for their telephone support service, so if you are looking to spend as little as possible and get a good product, this may be a good option.

Characteristics of Iati travel insurance

  • Wide selection of travel insurance for temporary and long-term modalities.
  • Simple and intuitive website.
  • Insurance specialists with attention in Spanish.
  • There are no franchises.
  • Telephone assistance 24/7.
  • It offers very basic modalities, with low coverage but very affordable prices.
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Advantages of Iati travel insurance

  • Includes Covid coverage (cancellation due to positive COVID-19 in Spain, quarantine, and repatriation).
  • High medical assistance coverage, except in the simplest modalities (Iati Getaways and Iati Standard).
  • Good prices.
  • Assistance with the practice of more than 50 different sports activities.
  • In case of serious illness or accident, they cover 100% of repatriation costs.
  • There is no age to take out insurance.
  • Many different options and modalities.

Here is a summary table of the main travel insurance to the United States of Iati :

Iati BasicIati StandardIati Star
Medical assistance€50,000€300,000€1,000,000
Lost or stolen luggage€500€1,000€2,500
civil liability€30,000€60,000
covid-19 coverageYesYesYes
Price 7 days€27.86€32.56€60.42

As you can see, one of the cheapest modalities (Iati Standard) has practically the same price as Mondo’s Tranquility modality, although with substantially worse coverage and without the possibility of using an app to obtain free assistance. It is true that Iati’s policies are quite good, but we would still stay with Mondo. Win the quality, the attention, the coverage, and its fantastic app.


3. Chapka Travel Insurance

Much more unknown in the Spanish market is Chapka, an insurer of French origin specializing in travel owned by the British group AON, one of the most important insurance companies in Europe. This company, which is gradually penetrating the traveler segment, has become another of the best travel insurances on the market. It collaborates with Europ Assistance, AXA, Allianz and Caser, among others, and offers good value for money with significant coverage for transport, medical expenses, assistance in the event of death, or luggage protection. In addition, a few months ago they updated their website and now it is much easier to do business and take out their policies.

best usa travel insurance

Chapka Travel Insurance Features

  • Includes Covid-19 coverage (medical expenses, repatriation, hospitalization, extension of stay, and presence of a family member).
  • Competitive prices, although more expensive than Mondo or Iati.
  • Free phone support 24/7, although there is no specific mobile application or WhatsApp.
  • Some coverages have a deductible.
  • Coverage for medical expenses varies depending on the destination.
  • Modalities of long stay and sports practice.

Chapka Travel Insurance Advantages

  • Competitive prices.
  • You don’t have to advance the money.
  • The policies are clear and simple. In most situations, you will use Cap Trip Plus, which allows you to travel to any country for up to a maximum of 90 days.

Here is a summary table of Chapka‘s travel insurance to the United States :

Cap Trip Plus
Medical assistance€500,000
Lost or stolen luggage€2,500
civil liability€60,000
covid-19 coverageYes
Price 7 days€39.28

Something that I especially like about Chapka is that you don’t need to spend hours browsing its website and analyzing the different policies that it has. Its Cap Trip Plus modality, which allows you to travel for a maximum of 90 days, will be your option for 99% of the occasions. This greatly simplifies the analysis and makes it very attractive travel insurance. The price per person for a 7-day trip to the United States is 39.28 euros. It is true that its coverage is quite good, especially in medical care, but in terms of price, it does not withstand competition from Mondo, which is once again above it.


4. International travel insurance

Intermundial is another of the best-known travel insurance companies. With nearly three decades of experience, for years it has established itself as one of the best travel insurance companies in the United States. However, it seems that time has played against it, and in recent years it has positioned itself as an insurer that is significantly more expensive than the rest of the competition and with somewhat reduced coverage, especially at a time when companies have appeared younger and leading, such as Mondo, which has disrupted the market.

travel insurance united states
New York

Characteristics of Intermundial’s travel insurance

  • Somewhat reduced medical assistance coverage in the case of the Total Travel Mini policy.
  • Prices are above average, including Mondo and Iati.
  • Page and purchase process somewhat more confusing and difficult than the competition. It is difficult to see the coverage included in each policy.
  • Your Total Travel Mini policy does not include an extension of stay due to contagion or a PCR test on the trip.
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Advantages of Intermundial travel insurance

  • Your total travel insurance covers the performance of a PCR before the trip.
  • Covid-19 coverage with the extension of stay in case of contagion, medical assistance included, or reimbursement of expenses for performing a PCR.
  • Includes sports activities.

Here is a summary table of the main Intermundial travel insurance :

Total Travel MiniTotal TravelTotal Travel Premium
Medical assistance€300,000€1,000,000€1,500,000
Lost or stolen luggage€1,500€2,500€3,200
civil liability€50,000€80,000€100,000
covid-19 coverageYesYesYes
Price 7 days€43.83€63.14€88.80

As you can see, the prices are substantially higher than those of the competition, and the coverage, especially in the case of the Total Travel Mini, is significantly worse. Consequently, we do not recommend it: you are going to pay more for less. Therefore, we would go for the Mondo or Iati options.

Comparison of the best travel insurance to the United States

As I promised you at the beginning of this article, here is a comparison of the best travel insurance to the United States that you can currently find. To do this, I have selected the prices on the same date, for a one-week Europe travel insurance, and chosen the most basic insurance policies of each company. The result has been the following:

World TranquilityIati StandardChapka Cap Trip PlusInterworld Total Travel Mini
Medical assistance€600,000€300,000€500,000€300,000
Luggage damage and theft€1,500€1,000€2,500€1,500
Covid-19 coverageYesYesYesYes
civil liability€50,000€60,000€60,000€50,000
Price 7 days€29.79€32.56€39.28€43.83

As you can see, for this 7-day trip, the best travel insurance in the United States is Mondo in its Tranquility modality. It has high coverage in medical assistance (150,000 euros), Covid-19, and luggage coverage and includes repatriation; all this for the best price on the market, as you can see. The second in the classification is Iati Standard, which also has a very competitive price, although it has somewhat weak coverage. In third and fourth place are, respectively, Chapka and Intermundial.

Therefore, it is clear that the best travel insurance to the United States is Mondo. Both for value for money and for its coverage, its customer service, and its mobile application.


Frequently asked questions about the best travel insurance to the United States

Finally, we close this article on the best travel insurance to the United States with some frequently asked questions that I receive from you, the readers, about the obligation to take out travel insurance, when is it best to do it, is it necessary to travel by Europe or which policy I specifically recommend. I leave you with them!

💥 What is the best travel insurance for the United States?

The best option is Mondo’s travel insurance. Both for coverage and for prices and customer service. It is unbeatable.

💥 What is the best cheap travel insurance to the United States?

If you look mainly at the prices, Mondo is its modality Tranquility is the best cheap travel insurance.

💥 Where to get travel insurance to the United States?

All you have to do is go to their website and book (before going on a trip) the travel insurance that most interests you.

💥 What is the best travel cancellation insurance to the United States?

The truth is that most travel insurance does not include cancellation insurance by default. They usually include it as an extra that you can easily add. To do this, you simply have to select an amount per passenger and you will be able to recover that amount in the event that you take advantage of some of the causes assessed by the insurer.

💥 What is travel insurance to the United States for?

There are many coverages that it includes, but for the sake of synthesis: it provides you with medical assistance at the destination, compensation for loss or theft of luggage, private civil liability insurance, covid coverage or repatriation insurance, among others.

💥 Is it mandatory to take out travel insurance to the United States?

Although the truth is that for some specific countries such as Cuba or Belarus it is mandatory, in the rest of the world it is optional although highly recommended (also in the case of the United States); even more so in the pandemic situation in which we currently find ourselves.

💥 When is the best time to take out travel insurance to the United States?

Before your trip. You should keep in mind that most insurance companies do not allow you to book travel insurance once it has started. Therefore, as soon as you know that you are going on a trip, book it.

💥 What does the United States travel insurance cover?

There are many coverages, but the five main ones that you should take into account are private civil liability, baggage guarantees, medical and health assistance, covid coverage, and repatriation.

💥 Do I need insurance to travel abroad?

As I said before, it is not mandatory but highly recommended. Especially since Mondo’s prices are very low, you should always go abroad accompanied by the necessary protection.

💥 Is traveling without insurance recommended?

No. Burn it into your mind. You should not travel without insurance, especially if you travel to countries with high health costs.

Conclusions about the best travel insurance to the United States

So far this article has come about the best travel insurance to the United States. I hope it has been useful to you and, above all, that it allows you to approach the world of insurance with a new perspective. I will not tire of repeating that traveling with good travel insurance is synonymous with peace of mind, perhaps one that we lack in times of uncertainty such as the current one.