RoseFloki (RSF) Token

RoseFloki (RSF) Token What is it, how to buy and price

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RoseFloki is the first meme token on the Oasis network! We are a community-based meme token born in January 2022. Our goal apart from building a strong community and dominating the meme token market on Oasis.
RoseFloki ($RSF) is a decentralized meme token with the community as its soul. Our community will decide the continued development of this project. Therefore, building a strong community is at the forefront of our mission.

How to buy RoseFloki (RSF) Token?

The first step to buy RoseFloki (RSF) Token: Configure Wallet With Emerald network, create Wallet oasis, and buy Rose Token.

We also leave you this tutorial where you can create an Oasis Network Wallet, which will also be necessary:

Create Wallet oasis network

  • We will need to buy ROSE and for this, we will use Binance in our case. Here is a tutorial where we buy BNB, but instead of BNB we will select ROSE, the rest is the same.

Second step is to buy RoseFloki (RSF) Token: Withdraw Rose from Binance and transfer it to Oasis Wallet and then to Metamask.

Ok, now the first thing we have to do is go to Oasis Wallet and copy our wallet address. For this, we go to «Receive».

Now we copy our address from the Wallet.

RoseFloki (RSF) Token

Once we have that ready, we have to go to  Binance and then go to “Wallet”-“Fiat and Spot”- and we hit “Withdraw”. The next screen will skip where we have to select the «ROSE» currency and we also have to paste our Rose address, which we already have copied and we will select the oasis network.

RoseFloki (RSF) Token

And ready we already have our Rose in Oasis Network.

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Now we have to pass the ROSE Tokens from Oasis Network to Metamask.

To do this, the first thing will be to copy our Metamask address from the Emerald network.

rsf token

Then we go to oasis Wallet and we have to select «Paratimes»

Now we give it «To Paratime»


And we paste the Metamask address on the next screen and hit NEXT.

paratime rose

The third step to buy RoseFloki (RSF) Token: Buy RSF token

Now we have to go to DuneSwap:

We connect the Wallet already configured with the Emerald network.

Then we connect the Wallet in “Connect Wallet” and select Metamask. Then we select the RSF token from the list, if you can’t find it, use the search bar. and in the token above, we select Rose.

Direct URL to RSF token:

RoseFloki (RSF) Token

Now we select the amount of RSF that we want to exchange for ROSE and click on “Submit” and that’s it, we already have purchased the RSF token.

RoseFloki (RSF) Token

Official website :

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