Krypton DAO (KRD) Token What is it, how to buy and price?
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Krypton DAO (KRD) Token What is it, Guide to buy and price?

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What is Krypton DAO (KRD)? What is the KRD token?

In this article, we will discuss information about the Krypton DAO project and the KRD token. What is Krypton DAO (KRD)? What is the KRD token?

Krypton DAO is the world’s first decentralized community alliance platform to adopt DAO governance. 

Krypton DAO helps some of the first great projects to grow and grow by uniting top known communities around the world and integrating various community resources while expanding mutual influence, and community members will also benefit from the process of project growth.

Krypton DAO will be committed to spreading the cultural concept of DAO to the world, creating exclusive brand value for the community, and will also contribute to the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem.


1. The Krypton DAO community has many investors, fans, and defi users in fields related to the crypto asset industry, and has a broad community base.

2. The Krypton DAO community core members are all from well-known communities, or known leaders of well-known communities, with strong community backgrounds and extensive community resources.

3. The Krypton DAO community will adopt the latest DAO management model and return the rights and obligations of the community to the community members in a real sense.

4. Krypton DAO will strive to benefit community members by adding multiple communities. For example, token rewards for co-op communities, early whitelisting of high-quality co-op projects, limited third-party NFT airdrops, etc.

5. Using Krypton DAO as a medium, add selected projects from the community and provide them with good fundraising channels and traffic support.

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6. The Krypton DAO community will strengthen alliance community collaboration and connection through viewing channels and reward issuing tasks.

Krypton DAO function

1. Krypton DAO Provides community members with the latest industry information.

2. Provide community members with high-quality project benefits, such as token airdrops for cooperative projects, whitelisting for other high-quality projects, etc.

3. Provide project viewing channels and traffic support for outstanding project parts.

4. Provide fundraising channels for the first notable parts of the project.

5. Provide a showcase platform and generous tasks for excellent communities.

Token distribution

  • Token name: KRD
  • Total:  1,000,000,000  KRD token
  • Format: BEP-20

Community Operations – 20% – To support the daily operations and marketing activities of the Krypton DAO community. Linear unlock in 20 months from April 2022.

Core Development – ​​10% – To support product design and feature development related to the Krypton DAO community. Linear unlock in 20 months from January 2023.​

Early Community Supporters: 10% – To reward early founders and supporters of the Krypton DAO community. Linear unlock in 20 months from April 2022.

Eco-construction: 30%: To support the Krypton DAO community exchange listings, project incubation, and related ecological associations. Linear unlock in 30 months from April 2022

Community Alliance Fund: 30%: To reward community alliance members. Linear unlock in 30 months from June 2022.

token application

1. As the Krypton DAO governance token, KRD holders can weight based on the number of tokens they own to vote on community-issued governance proposals.

2. As a Krypton DAO platform token, KRD holders can receive airdrop benefits from third-party cooperation projects by holding KRD tokens as a certificate.

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3. KRD is the Krypton DAO platform token. Holders can use KRD tokens to obtain priority emission rights of NFTs for third-party cooperative projects.

4. KRD is the platform token of Krypton DAO, and the alliance community can apply for its exclusive exhibition space by using KRD tokens.

5. KRD is the platform token of Krypton DAO, and the alliance community can use KRD tokens to bid on reward tasks issued by the platform.

6. KRD is the platform token of Krypton DAO, and the alliance community can apply for alliance nodes by holding KRD tokens.

road map

  • Stage one:

Creation of the Krypton DAO Community

Official Krypton DAO Website and Governance Token Launch

Krypton Government Token DAO Listed on Exchanges

  • Stage two:

Krypton DAO airdrop function and whitelist function are online

Krypton DAO Alliance Community Search Feature Released

Krypton DAO’s Bounty Feature Goes Live

  • Stage three:

Krypton DAO Voting Governance Function Goes Live

Launchpad function of Krypton DAO is activated

Node bidding opens for Krypton DAO

  • Stage four:

Krypton DAO testnet goes live

Krypton DAO mainnet launch

Improve Krypton DAO Community Green Building

How to buy Krypton DAO (KRD) Token?

The main exchange for trading  KRD tokens  is currently: CoinTiger, BTCEX, and Bibox

Official website

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