How to get the security code of a Mastercard card

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Have you been finding it difficult to get the security code of a master card?
worry no more, because this article will guide you through getting your master card security code easily.
The purchase of products or subscriptions of online services such as hotel room reservations or flight tickets has been a popular modality for years that, due to the dynamism of current times and the savings in time and transfers, charge more and more users.

The purchases or reservations online via the Internet or telephone way, are quick and simple, but without adequate security, identity theft is a real possibility.

If you are a Mastercard customer, one way to protect yourself against identity theft or so-called “phishing” and other electronic fraud is to obtain a security code ” Mastercard SecureCode .”

When you buy products online you are asked to enter your SecureCode code. The card issuer will verify the code and then authorize the purchase.

Even if someone has all your card information such as the credit card identification number, the issue number or CVC code, and the expiration date MM / YY. Without the SecureCode security code, any transaction will be rejected.

How to get the security code of a Mastercard card

Here are steps to get the security code of a master card easily.

1. What is the security code for a card?

We must not confuse the credit card security code with the Mastercard SecureCode. The SecureCode is not a numbering that we can see printed on the card, it is rather a PIN or security code like the one we enter at the ATM to make cash advances.

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Let’s clarify what a security code on a credit card consists of, which differs from the identification number.

According to the security code of a card can be called CVV, CV2, CVC, CSC, CCV, which are the abbreviations in English for the terms card verification value, verification code, security code, which is similar even in some cases to the issue number.

If the identification number of the credit card is the series of sixteen digits embossed on the front of the card and printed on the signature panel on the back, the security code is the three or four unengraved digits that we find later of the identification number and they represent an added measure of security when making purchases online.

The above is the case of MastercardVisa, or Discover cards, while for American Express cards the CVC security code is four digits and can be found on the front of the card at the top or bottom right of the identification number.


2. How to get the Mastercard SecureCode security code?

According to the official website of Mastercard‘s SecureCode is another security measure that provides Mastercard for its credit card customers.

Mastercard SecureCode is a personalized and private code for each Mastercard card that only the customer and the issuing bank handle, unlike the CVC security code or issuance number, the SecureCode is not printed on the card so merchants do not have access to it.

According to what is indicated by Mastercard, its SeureCode has a reach of about 122 countries, it is easy, simple, and fast, both to use and to activate.

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 Let’s look at the steps suggested by Mastercard.

  • Register online for a MasterCard security code.
    It is the only way to get one and it is very simple and fast.
    You don’t need to get new 
    credit cards or change your account. Check with your card issuing bank to make sure they have MasterCard’s SecureCode service available.

  • Select your card issuer from the list of banks affiliated with SecureCode.
    Click on the link when you find the bank you are a customer of. Read the terms and conditions of the Mastercard 
    SecureCode security code and click “Accept” or “Accept.”

  • Enter your credit card number and verify your identity by answering the security questions that will be asked there, these correspond to your card details or personal data.

  • Create your personal MasterCard SecureCode security code.
    Use details that only you know. Make sure you are able to remember them easily, otherwise your transactions will be rejected. Write a reminder of 
    the security code.
    This can be used in case you forget the code or enter it wrongly.

  • Click “Submit” to complete the registration process.
    Now you can use your card to shop online with confidence.

You can register all your Mastercard cards with the code SecureCode. Only use credit cards online that you can register. Not all card issuers offer this service, although their number is growing rapidly.

Not all online merchants currently offer the MasterCard SecureCode security code service. Check the Mastercard website or for information on the list of affiliated merchants.

If you enter your security code incorrectly, set a reminder. Entering the code incorrectly three times will lock the account.

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