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How to create an Oasis Network (ROSE) Wallet in Browser

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Next, we will talk about Oasis Wallet, the official Oasis Network wallet, we have prepared a guide that we have taken from its documents, quite complete and I hope it will be of help to you.

How to use Oasis Wallet – Web

Access Oasis Wallet through your web browser

You can access Oasis Wallet – Web by going to https://wallet.oasisprotocol.org. For best performance, we recommend using Chrome OR any other Chromium-based browser.

Create a new Oasis Wallet

If you do not currently have an existing Oasis wallet address, you can create a new wallet address directly from the Oasis Wallet home screen. Click on the “Create Wallet” button.

The next page contains information about your mnemonic (an ordered list of words that represent your keyphrase), which you’ll need to retrieve your wallet later. Please review the information on this page very carefully. Keep your mnemonic in the correct order in a safe place.

Your mnemonic (ie passphrase) is required to access your wallet. Make sure you keep it in a safe place. If you lose or forget your mnemonic, you will lose access to your wallet and the token funds it contains.

Never share your mnemonic (ie passphrase). Anyone with your mnemonic can access your wallet and tokens.
Once you have saved your mnemonic, click the “I saved my passphrase” checkbox and then click the “Open my wallet” button.

Next, you will need to confirm your mnemonic by filling in some missing words. You can enter the missing word for each respective box by clicking on the corresponding word from the list of words below. Be sure to enter all the missing words in the correct order.

After correctly entering all the missing words, you will be taken to the Oasis Wallet home screen, which contains information about your account balance and more.

Access an existing wallet

If you already have an existing Oasis wallet address, you can open it in the web wallet by clicking the “Open Wallet” button on the home screen.

Next, you need to select whether you want to open your wallet via a mnemonic, a private key, or a Ledger hardware wallet. Select the respective button corresponding to the recovery method you want to use.

Open wallet via mnemonic

In the Enter, your keyphrase field, enter each word of your mnemonic separated by a space. Then press the “Open my wallet” button.

Oasis Wallet – Web uses English mnemonic words as defined in BIP39. You can find a full list of all valid phrases here. If you misspelled a word, the wallet will warn you.

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Oasis Wallet mnemonics are incompatible with BitPie mnemonics. See our frequently asked questions for more information.

Oasis Wallet open wallet via private key

Paste your Base64-encoded Ed25519 private key into the Enter your private key field and then click the “Open my wallet” button.

The Ed25519 private key format used is 64 bytes long and consists of two 32-byte parts:
1. The first 32 bytes are the private key seed that is used to derive the private key that is then used to sign transactions (ie send tokens from your wallet).
2. The last 32 bytes are the public key used to calculate your account address in the form of oasis1….
If you entered the private key manually, make sure you don’t mix similar characters like big O and 0 or big I and 1.

Currently, there is no error detection on the entered private key, so the wallet cannot warn you of a misspelled character. It is imperative that you enter the private key correctly, otherwise, you will not be able to access your funds.

We suggest that you perform a test transaction the first time you import your wallet from the private key so that you can be sure that the key is valid.

Open portfolio with Ledger

To open your wallet through a Ledger hardware wallet, make sure you have your Ledger device available and are familiar with the Oasis-specific Ledger usage instructions.
Follow the instructions on the next screens to open your existing wallet address.
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To date, only Chromium-based browsers support the WebUSB component that is required to access your Ledger device.

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After completing the instructions, you will be taken to the home screen of your Oasis Wallet, which contains information about your account balance and more.

Toggle between light mode and dark mode in Wallet Oasis

If you are in night mode, you can click the sun icon near the bottom left corner of the screen to switch to light mode.

If you are in light mode, you can click the moon icon near the bottom left corner of the screen to switch to dark mode.

Select a language for the web wallet interface

To select a language, you can click on the globe icon near the bottom left corner of the screen. Currently, you can select English or French.

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